Small Glass Repair Miami Windows Graffiti Restoration

By November 29, 2015 Blog
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There are some home made products you can remove light scratches on your table top or glass windows. We at Your Scratch Man in South Florida including Miami restore many impact glass on high rise condominiums and other commercial buildings, but here are some home made tricks we can show you to get rid of those nasty looking surface scratches.

1. Toothpaste
Your everyday mouth wash toothpaste will remove light scratches on most glass surfaces. This is a no brainier and is the oldest trick out there how ever it works great on simple scratches and glass surfaces.

2. Use Ammonia solution
Dip in a soft cloth and this helps remove surface scratches. There are times this method can even work just by mapping the floor or glass with it and it starts making it all shiny and removes surface scratches. But with a leather soft cloth it does wonders on scratched windows that are not to deep.

For More how to visit WikiHow to remove scratches on surfaces and glass.

These are your everyday home products that you can buy in any grocery store, the toothpaste to remove scratches on surfaces works well but use a cloth that is smooth and try rubbing the scratched surface carefully. If your in Miami Florida feel free to always contact us for any other work such as mirrors in your bathroom or your sliding doors and get those annoying scratches removed to get your view back.